Monuments at your fingertips

Monuments at your fingertips

Bydgoszcz, being one of the largest cities in Poland, is an important commercial, industrial and transport hub Underrated by tourists until recently, today it tempts with a multitude of monuments, Art Nouveau architecture, and a picturesque location on the Brda River. It is worth spending at least two or three days visiting Bydgoszcz. Here is a piece of advice on what to see when in Bydgoszcz!
When visiting Bydgoszcz do not miss sites such as: the Mill Island - a historic island in the center of Bydgoszcz, a popular recreational place surrounded by boulevards, with access to the city beach; Opera Nova - one of the most modern musical theaters in the whole country hosting the annual Bydgoszcz Opera Festival with opera bands from around the world; Granaries - old grain warehouses, located at 9 and 11 Grodzka Street, White Granary on the Mill Island, the Red Granary opposite the Mill Bridge and others; the Bydgoszcz Venice - a series of nineteenth-century tenement houses adjacent to the Młynówka River; Bydgoszcz Canal - a canal linking Bydgoszcz and Nakło established in 1773-1774, the oldest active artificial waterway in Poland, entered in its entirety into the register of objects of cultural heritage; Water Tower - one of the objects of the Museum of Water Supply, offering a unique panorama of Bydgoszcz; Bydgoszcz Water Tram - a public transport and tourist system operated by solar vessels sailing on the Brda River and the Bydgoszcz Canal; Sculptures - "Passing Through the River" and "Łuczniczka" (one of the symbols of Bydgoszcz).
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